Specialty Ingredients (Specialty) was created in 1960 for the sole purpose of supplying liquid sugar to vegetable canners around the state of Wisconsin. Known as Specialty Foods, the company added corn syrup to the sweetener line in the late 1960’s allowing the facility to serve the ice cream, candy and soda industries.

Specialty has had many corporate owners over the years. Beatrice Foods, the largest multinational food company in the United States at the time, providing state of the art research and development assets, E-II (two), American Brands, Pillsbury, and Aunt Nellies Foods. In 1994 Specialty became private again under the name Specialty Ingredients.

In January of 2006, Specialty was purchased by entrepreneur Mark Smith. His focus has been to expand and diversify the business beyond supplying sweeteners to the food processing industry. Under his direction, Specialty has succeeded in utilizing its rail assets and strategic geographical location to supply the Midwest with rail to truck, and truck to rail transloading. With the expanded business, Specialty Ingredients is transitioning their name to Rail & Transload Incorporated (RTI).

RTI safely moves products locally and regionally for industry leaders including Cargill Salt, Archer Daniels Midland, Amalgamated Sugar, United Sugar, Cargill Sugar, Western Sugar, Bunge Canada, Arkema, Seneca Foods, and General Mills.


Rail & Transload, Inc.

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